Race Clock / Timer Clock LED

Stand alone digital sports timing clock with LED digits

EML806 race clock LED

The Eraton EML-series race clocks are robust and reliable stand-alone sports timers. They are exquisitely suitable for marathons, triathlons, biathlons, cycling-sports, rally sports and other specific sports. The Eraton race clock is a thoroughly functional and always immediately operational time indicator which is easy to take along and can be applied anywhere, irrespective of the weather and local conditions.
They can be easily mounted on a stand alongside the track, hung above the finishline or mounted on a car.


  • The high brightness LED figures can be read at great distance even in full sunlight and in the dark.
  • The built-in battery and charger makes the clock fully independent of mains or stable current supply.
  • Digital timer for accurate and repeatable timing.
  • Split and lap times
  • Running time or the finish time.
  • Time in hours, minutes, seconds or minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds.
  • Counting up and down.
  • Programmable countdown with preset.
  • Including the possibility of intermediate switching without influencing the time or the time registration.
  • The 6-digit models can be put in 24-hour or 99-hour mode for endurance tests or record attempts.
  • The clocks are easy to operate by the control panel or by remote control.
  • Water- and weatherproof aluminum housing. EML806 race clock LED dark
  • Light intensity control.
  • EML-series is fully compatible with the EM-series race clocks.

    The clocks are also available with a yellow reflective display.

    Most models are also available for rent.

    Available Models

    Type # of digits per side Digit Size Single/double sided Measures Max. reading distance
    EML800 5 15 cm Single sided 87 x 31 x 21 cm 60 m
    EML806 6 15 cm Single sided 100 x 31 x 21 cm 60 m
    EML850 5 15 cm Double sided 87 x 31 x 27 cm 60 m
    EML856 6 15 cm Double sided 100 x 31 x 27 cm 60 m

    AccessoriesRace clock LED EML806

  • Wired and wireless remote control
  • Tripod stands
  • Flightcases
  • Start system
  • See accessories for more details.

    Optional Additions

  • Audio signal output
  • Counter mode 
  • Photocell input for electronic timing
  • FinishLynx photofinish camera interface
  • Receiver for wireless start system 

    Typical Application Examples

  • finish Rotterdam marathonEndurance sports
  • Record attempts
  • Large stopwatch timing
  • Cooper tests
  • Countdown start clock
  • Game timer


  • Rotterdam Marathon
  • Vienna City Marathon
  • Rally of Ypres


    Standard 24 month garantee.

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